April 2006 Budget & Tax News

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April, 2006
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The April 2006 issue recognizes Tax Day 2006 with several stories on the IRS and federal income tax reform. We look at the National Taxpayer Advocate's latest report to Congress, the alternative minimum tax, and distribution of the federal tax burden.

On page 1:

  • The National Taxpayer Advocate reports IRS policies result in unnecessary taxpayer harassment;
  • Cook County, Illinois doubles its cigarette tax;
  • Democrats in Rhode Island are eager to move to a flat-rate state income tax; and
  • Maine voters will have the chance to vote on a TABOR measure when they go to the polls in November.

Also in this issue: state budgets, pension reform, eminent domain, private fire protection, highway tolling, the growing government workforce, and more. Managing Editor Steve Stanek interviews Sen. Tom Coburn (R-OK), leader of the Senate's "Fiscal Watch Team" and an ardent opponent of pork-barrel spending.

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