April 2007 Environment & Climate News

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April, 2007
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The April 2007 issue of Environment & Climate News offers several articles addressing global warming: from reduced warming projections by the IPCC to attacks on state climatologists who refuse to toe the global warming line. On page 1:

  • On February 2, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) released the Summary for Policymakers of its fourth assessment, which predicts less global warming than was forecast by previous IPCC reports.
  • The United States is making more significant progress than Europe in cutting both greenhouse gas intensity and gross emissions.
  • The citizens of Middlefield, Ohio are being hammered by a staggering cost of $7,400 per household after water testing showed the community is very slightly above new, stringent federal standards regarding arsenic in water.
  • Compliance with the Bush administration's Clean Air Interstate Rule will cost Wisconsin residents more than $1 billion, or more than $500 per household.

Also in this issue: DDT, ozone pollution, regulation, frigid weather across the country, rejecting "An Inconvenient Truth," mercury, asbestos, phthalates, and more. Science Director Jay Lehr, Ph.D. reviews Underexposed: What If Radiation Is Actually Good for You? by Ed Hiserodt.

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