April 2008 Budget & Tax News

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April, 2008
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The April 2008 issue of Budget & Tax News offers two contrasting approaches to property tax reform: in Florida, where a constitutional amendment aimed at reform may actually inhibit future reform efforts; and in British Columbia, where a major revamp of the property tax assessment system has streamlined the process and made assessments more efficient, professional, impartial, and uniform.

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  • In his January State of the State address, New Jersey Gov. Jon Corzine unveiled a long-awaited plan to capture the value of the state's toll roads.
  • Legislation that would permit a fire protection district's board of directors to place a proposed tax rate cut before voters has been introduced in the Missouri legislature.
  • A California Senate committee has rejected Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's plan to provide government-controlled health insurance to millions more of California's citizens.
  • The State of Kentucky recently learned economic development wars between states aren't just about tax incentives. A burdensome regulatory climate can often outweigh any tax advantages.

Also in this issue: mass transit, New York's proposed $124 billion budget, Duane Parde named president of National Taxpayers Union, transportation reform in Iowa, carbon taxes in Kansas, fining out-of-state drivers, cigarette tax hikes and smoking bans, a successful fire department merger in Wisconsin, corporate income taxes, President Bush proposes a $3 trillion budget, unions, spending transparency, and more.

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