April 2008 InfoTech & Technology News

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April, 2008
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The April 2008 issue of Infotech & Telecom News features a special report on the wireless industry, which is critically important to consumers and the U.S. economy but nevertheless bears an unusually high tax burden.

Also on page 1:

  • The Arizona Legislature is considering a "bill of rights" for cell phone users, proposing stiff new regulations on the wireless industry.
  • New technologies could boost Internet traffic in the United States more than 50-fold within the next decade.
  • Los Angeles voters have imposed a 9 percent tax on VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) phone calls.

Also in this issue: cloud computing, video games, net neutrality, broadband, laptops, the media marketplace, Universal Service Fund reform, digital television, antitrust, the proposed Microsoft-Yahoo! merger, and public safety communications.

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