April 2008 School Reform News

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April, 2008
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The April 2008 issue of School Reform News reports on experiments in Baltimore and Atlanta with merit pay ... for students. Noting the efforts are controversial, David Kirkpatrick of the U.S. Freedom Foundation asks, "If a school district's administration, staff, students, parents, and general taxpayers have no problem with a different approach that shows promise, why should anyone else be able to cause problems just because the idea offends their sensibilities?"

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  • The Wisconsin State Senate has voted to limit the number of students allowed to enroll in the state's 18 virtual charter schools after Gov. Jim Doyle promised to veto any virtual schools legislation that did not include such a cap.
  • Reformers in Missouri are cautiously optimistic about a proposed tuition tax credit program targeted to special-needs students.
  • A school district in Eugene, Oregon is considering retooling its decades-old open-enrollment policy because schools are becoming socioeconomically segregated.
  • The Georgia House of Representatives has passed a measure that would make it easier for charter schools to be authorized.

Also in this issue: school voucher programs in the District of Columbia, Milwaukee, and Ohio; failing schools in California; a new charter school for autistic kids in Minneapolis; and higher education, teacher pay, curriculum standards, and more.

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