August 2003 Environment & Climate News

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August, 2003
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The August issue of Environment & Climate News offers several articles addressing myths about health hazards in the natural environment. Among them:

  • PCBs -- the Pennsylvania Chamber of Business and Industry has filed a friend-of-the-court brief with the Pennsylvania Supreme Court urging it to overrule a jury verdict scapegoating Solutia Inc., formerly Monsanto, for the costs of rebuilding a state-owned building after a fire. The fire released trace levels of PCBs--well within federal health standards.
  • Air quality -- two recent reports--by the American Lung Association and Pacific Research Institute/American Enterprise Institute--reach dramatically different conclusions about the air we breathe. Though it received far less media attention, the PRI-AEI report was more accurate and more informative than the biased ALA report.
  • Secondhand smoke -- a 38-year study tracking more than 100,000 Californians has concluded secondhand smoke has little if any impact on mortality. “The study suggests that the public’s fears--and the politicians’ ideas--about how we are affected by [environmental tobacco smoke] may be misguided,” comments Kimberly Bowman of the American Council on Science and Health.

This issue also covers the release of EPA’s new Draft Report on the Environment; energy issues (natural gas and ethanol); forest management vs. fire suppression; pollution of rivers in the Columbia Basin by the Army Corps of Engineers; a new grassroots army building in the West; how animal cancer tests overstate human cancer fears; the science of climate change; and more!

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