August 2003 Health Care News

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August, 2003
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The June signing of Maine’s new universal health care plan--Dirigo Health--was met with criticism across the country and tops page 1 of the August issue of Health Care News. Experts interviewed for HCN, including Greg Scandlen of the Galen Institute, called it a “huge billboard for adverse selection” ... and worse.

Also on page 1:

  • asbestos litigation reform--the Senate Judiciary Committee has reached agreement on language describing the medical criteria that would be used to evaluate asbestos injury claims submitted to a proposed national compensation fund.
  • disease management--Florida officials have renewed an innovative disease management experiment offered through the state’s Medicaid program by four of the country’s leading pharmaceutical manufacturers. The four companies have guaranteed a combined total savings to Florida of $64.7 million over the two years ... or they’ll pay the difference
  • drug benefits in Medicare--A Zogby International opinion poll, released by the Galen Institute, found overwhelming public support for private-sector options in Medicare ... as well as fear the complex drug benefit crafted by the Senate could be worse than the coverage many seniors now have.

This issue also offers an analysis of this year’s Medicare reform effort, through the lens of 1988’s disastrous Catastrophic Health Care Act; a special report on kids, obesity, and the government; Senator Rick Santorum’s speech before the Senate on a proposal to allow Canadian government officials to set drug prices in the U.S.; plus Greg Scandlen’s “Consumer Choice Matters,” The Galen Report, and Managing Editor Conrad F. Meier’s “MyTurn” column--an apology to his grandkids for the sins of “my entire generation.”

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