August 2004 Health Care News

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August, 2004
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Pfizer Inc., the nation’s largest manufacturer of prescription drugs, announced plans in July to substantially reduce prices for its drugs for all people without health insurance. That news tops the August issue of Health Care News.

Also on page 1: Illinois insurance brokers seek solutions for the uninsured; a “best practices” law adopted by Minnesota riles physicians and citizen groups; and Wisconsin legislators try to give residents a tax break for contributions to HSAs ... but Governor Jim Doyle (D) promptly vetoes the measure.

This issue features a guide to the new Medicare prescription drug benefit; an update on Health Savings Accounts activity in nine states; and part six (Massachusetts) in a series of case studies documenting how over-regulation has ruined individual health insurance markets in eight states. The issue also covers a Chicago town hall meeting on consumer-directed care, obesity, hospital price transparency, Newt Gingrich’s Saving Lives & Saving Money, and Maine’s Dirigo health care plan.

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