August 2005 Budget & Tax News

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August, 2005
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More than one million Oklahoma taxpayers will receive tax rebates later this year, thanks to a historic tax cut measure signed by the governor on June 8 and reported in the August 2005 issue of Budget & Tax News. In Tennessee, Gov. Phil Bredesen vetoed a proposed cigarette tax hike.

But North Carolina tax watchdog groups are denouncing tactics used by the state house to hike taxes $290 million, and Kansas is reeling from a $290 million court-ordered budget increase for its schools.

Also in this issue: eminent domain and the Kelo decision, federal energy bill in conference committee, taxpayers revolt over rising property taxes, lawsuit challenges tax incentive package for Dell, how fiscal policy has influenced economic growth (or lack of it) in Iowa and Illinois, cigarette taxes, telecom taxes, CAFTA, and more.

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