August 2006 Environment & Climate News

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August, 2006
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The August 2006 issue of Environment & Climate News features news on wetlands management: the U.S. Supreme Court issued a very split decision in two combined cases, Rapanos and Carabell, and both Florida and Kentucky are seeking greater autonomy from the federal government in regulating state wetlands.

On page 1:

  • a superior court judge in San Francisco has ruled the state cannot force companies to put mercury health warning labels on cans of tuna;
  • the Michigan House of Representatives will take up a bill that would change the state's tort law with respect to asbestos and silica lawsuits;
  • Florida Gov. Jeb Bush says the federal government should abolish its tariff on imported ethanol; and
  • a Florida government agency voted unanimously to remove the manatee from the state's endangered species list.

Also in this issue: CO2 caps in California, nuclear power, E-waste management, eminent domain, the cure for high oil prices, global warming, and more.

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