August 2008 Environment & Climate News

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August, 2008
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The August 2008 issue of Environment & Climate News reports the U.S. Senate's rejection of the carbon dioxide cap-and-trade measure proposed by Sens. Joe Lieberman and John Warner. Sixteen senators, including presumptive presidential nominees Barack Obama and John McCain, declined to cast a vote. Also on page 1:

  • NASA astronomer James Hansen, one of the most visible and vocal proponents of alarmist global warming theory, has called for criminal trials against scientists, corporate executives, and public policy advocates who disagree with him.
  • Western congressmen, fully aware of rich oil shale resources concentrated in the Badlands of Wyoming, eastern Utah, and extreme western Colorado, are supporting legislation to remove federal prohibitions on oil shale recovery.
  • Fewer than half of Americans polled by the Pew Research Center believe humans are causing global warming, and a declining number even believe the Earth is experiencing a warming trend.

Also in this issue: CO2 scrubbers, mercury, nuclear power, global warming, hurricanes, wi-fi health threat, bisphenol-A, milfoil, and reviews of The Politically Incorrect Guide to Global Warming and Environmentalism, Hybrid Neighborhoods, and the CO2 Science DVD, Carbon Dioxide and the "Climate Crisis."

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