August 2008 InfoTech & Technology News

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August, 2008
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The August issue of IT&T News highlights efforts by Congress, federal agencies, and state legislatures to regulate the activities of firms operating in the information technology and telecom arena. On page 1:

  • Hearings in the U.S. Senate considered whether the overseas activities of U.S. information technology firms should be regulated more closely.
  • Time Warner Cable has begun a metered bandwidth experiment, setting limits on the bandwidth its customers may use and charging additional fees to those who exceed their limits.
  • Ohio has authorized up to $80 million in public funds for broadband deployment through the state's 'Connect Ohio' initiative.
  • America's position as a technology innovation leader--and hence a prime destination of venture capital funds--may be under threat.

Also in this issue: airport wi-fi, health records, YouTube, text messaging, community wireless networks, online sales taxes, the D-Block spectrum auction, copyright, BitTorrent, digital TV, wireless termination fees, and more.

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