December 2001 Environment & Climate News

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December, 2001
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"The terrorist attacks on America have awakened the nation to a previously unthinkable assault on our freedoms and our way of life," writes Managing Editor James M. Taylor in the December 2001 issue of Environment & Climate News. "However, as much as the nation has united behind a determination to root out terrorism, terrorism has found a bastion of indifference, support, and even downright accomplice in domestic radical environmentalist groups."

The December issue of Environment & Climate News offers a special report on radical environmentalism and terrorism, while Randal O'Toole of The Thoreau Institute explores the possibility that sprawl might be one of the country's best defenses against terrorism. Also in this issue: global warming, tax provisions in the Bush energy bill, CARA, "smart growth," CAFE, and the Forest Service's whitewashing of a September incident that left four young firefighters dead. (download PDF)

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