December 2002 Health Care News

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December, 2002
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The December issue of Health Care News documents voter support on November 5 for free-market health care reform.

Managing Editor Conrad F. Meier offers a page-one report on the stunning defeat of Oregon’s closely watched single-payer initiative, Measure 23, while the Galen Institute’s Joe Moser analyzes key races nationwide, noting candidates who talked about sensible free-market solutions to health care issues fared better than those who advocated big-government solutions.

Page one also reports on President George W. Bush’s October 21 announcement of a plan to speed up the process of getting generic drugs to the marketplace by restricting the number of patent extensions available to pharmaceutical companies. The Manhattan Institute’s Robert Goldberg calls the proposal “patently absurd,” saying it won’t lead to better health outcomes or significant savings.

The December issue also takes a look at what lies ahead for health care reform. Former Vice President Al Gore (getting an early start on his bid for the ‘04 Presidential nomination) promises he’ll call for a federal universal health insurance program, while the National Academy of Sciences has recommended state-level experiments in single-payer and other reforms.

Among other stories in this issue:

  • Meier’s report on the mid-October Health Care Reform Summit hosted by State Policy Network;
  • Greg Scandlen’s analysis of a controversial new Health Affairs report on the market for individual insurance;
  • extensive coverage of prescription drug reform issues, including the safety and cost-savings potential of pill-splitting and the value of comparison-shopping;
  • 10 principles to guide Medicaid reform, offered by the National Center for Policy Analysis;
  • Wisconsin State Rep. Frank Lasee’s commentary on the dangers of cost-shifting in health care; and
  • The Pulse, the Galen Report, and Meier’s State Legislative Update and MyTurn editorial.

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