December 2003 Environment & Climate News

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December, 2003
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The December 2003 issue of Environment & Climate News features extensive coverage of climate change issues, reporting on several recent defeats for global warming alarmists:

  • the McCain-Lieberman bill, aimed at establishing mandatory caps on greenhouse gas emissions, was rejected in the U.S. Senate on October 30 by a vote of 55-43.
  • at the September 29 World Climate Change Conference, Russian President Vladimir Putin and his top science and economic advisors expressed grave doubt that the scientific facts about climate change justify taking such economy-killing actions as the Kyoto Protocol.
  • the first CO2 emissions auction, held by the Chicago Climate Exchange on September 30, attracted remarkably low bids from only a handful of willing buyers.
  • the Canadian government’s support for Kyoto will cost Canadians $4,700 per taxpayer per year for the next five years, according to Fraser Institute policy analyst Kenneth Green.

This issue offers several other climate change-related stories and extensive coverage of clean air issues. Among other stories: the California wildfires and eco-terrorist attacks across the country; the high cost of alarmism over nitrates in drinking water; a new study by the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration documenting the dangers of CAFE standards; part one of an investigative series on hog farms and the environment; new enforcement actions by EPA and an agreement by Wisconsin paper companies to pay $60 million for cleanup of the Fox River; and EPA efforts to monitor--from space--compliance with regulations on genetically modified crops.

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