December 2004 Health Care News

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December, 2004
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The December 2004 issue of Health Care News features page 1 coverage of a successful defense in Congress against two attempts to prohibit funding for or otherwise restrict Health Savings Accounts (HSAs). Thirty Democrats crossed party lines to defeat either or both amendments aimed at crippling HSAs. Minnesota Republican Gil Gutknecht led the HSA defense effort, noting, "I have worked closely with representatives of public employees, unions, and retirees who want to make their own decisions regarding their health care ... and I support their efforts."

This issue also addresses prescription drug pricing, long-term care, the uninsured, the flu vaccine shortage, health savings accounts, Vioxx, stem cell research, insurance reform in New Hampshire, and conferences on consumer-directed health care.

Sean Parnell's three-part series on specialty hospitals, addressing criticisms leveled by the American Hospital Association and other competitors; a book review by Dr. Elizabeth Whelan of the American Council on Science and Health; and Greg Scandlen's "Consumer Choice Matters" column round out the issue.

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