December 2005 Budget & Tax News

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December, 2005
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In key ballot battles reported in the December issue of Budget & Tax News

  • Colorado voters gave up nearly $4 billion in TABOR tax rebates;
  • California voters rejected a proposed TABOR measure and paycheck protection for union members;

Oklahoma voters rejected a proposed gas tax hike; and

  • New Yorkers rejected a constitutional amendment that would have given more spending power to state legislators.

Also in this issue: a second anti-tax "tea party" in Maine; Supreme Court takes up state tax incentives; Philadelphia contracts with Earthlink to build a wireless network; gas tax suspended in Georgia; "all kids" insurance program approved in Illinois; tax watchdogs respond to proposals of the president's tax reform panel; Chicago will seize private property to expand O'Hare airport, and D.C. will do so for a new baseball stadium; telecom reform in Michigan and Texas; and more. The issue also features an excerpt from Downsizing the Federal Government, a new Cato Institute book by Chris Edwards.

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