December 2006 Environment & Climate News

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December, 2006
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The December 2006 issue of Environment & Climate News features several articles on the science and politics of climate variance. On page 1:

  • The coalition of supporters that steered the "California Global Warming Solutions Act" through the state legislature is fracturing and accusing each other of betraying the law.
  • The Word Health Organization has announced it would promote indoor spraying of DDT to fight malaria in Africa.
  • A town in Alaska has sued the Army Corps of Engineers, which has asserted that permafrost 20 inches thick is a "navigable water" of the United States and therefore cannot be built upon.
  • New Jersey's Clean Energy Program is coming under heavy criticism for accounting irregularities, apparent cronyism, and gross mismanagement.

Also in this issue: emerging energy technologies, carbon dioxide emission caps, liquefied natural gas, biotech crops, renewable electricity, air quality standards, nuclear power, and more.

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