December 2007 Budget & Tax News

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December, 2007
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The December 2007 issue of Budget & Tax News highlights tax hike proposals from Oregon through the Midwest to Washington, DC. On page 1:

  • In the early morning hours of October 1, a few Republicans essentially capitulated and gave Democrat Gov. Jennifer Granholm a $1.5 billion hike in taxes.
  • Shoppers and diners in Chicago and surrounding Cook County, Illinois received a temporary reprieve October 1 when the Cook County board delayed a vote to more than triple the county's share of the region's sales tax.
  • Beginning this fall U.S. consumers could face a slew of new Internet taxes unless Congress extends or makes permanent a federal ban that is set to expire November 1.
  • Taxpayers in Oregon are faced with an unprecedented measure on the November 6 ballot. Measure 50 would permanently place a tobacco tax increase into the state constitution.

Also in this issue: unions, carbon taxes, junk science, casino gambling, bottled water taxes, cigarette taxes, equality, transit, and highway tolling. We also report, with great sadness, the death of John Berthoud, president of the National Taxpayers Union and its foundation.

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