December 2008 Budget & Tax News: Bailout: The Sequel?

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December, 2008
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The December 2008 issue of Budget & Tax News highlights the federal government’s recent “buyouts, bailouts, loans, takeovers, and giveaways” ... and warns more intervention might be on the horizon, as budget-challenged state governments begin to demand federal rescue money as well.

Among the other top stories in this issue:

Upper Midwest Is Enjoying Sudden Renaissance of Economic Freedom
The Upper Midwest is rapidly replacing the South as the region with the strongest trend toward economic freedom.

New Jersey Has Nation’s Worst Business Tax Climate, Study Says
A new study shows this year’s 10 top-scoring states refrained from imposing a corporate income tax, personal income tax, or sales tax. New Jersey didn’t.

Kansas Cigarette Tax Proposal Ignores Economic Realities
Gov. Kathleen Sebelius and the state Health Policy Authority propose tax hikes for health care—but experience shows revenues may actually fall.

Chicago Privatizes Midway Airport in $2.5 Billion Lease Deal
The City of Chicago has come to an agreement to lease Midway Airport to a private development corporation, which will pay off the airport’s debts and net the city a gain of more than a billion dollars, while making it the first major commercial U.S. airport to go private.

Government Unions Redefine People as State Workers
Labor unions are pressing for government to force unionization of many businesses that receive subsidies, by redefining their workers as public employees.

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