December 2008 Health Care News: Mental Health Parity

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December, 2008
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The December 2008 issue of Health Care News leads with passage of the Paul Wellstone Mental Health and Addiction Equity Act—a “mental health parity” measure onto which the $700 billion Wall Street bailout was attached.

Among the other top stories in this issue:

Rhode Island Seeks to Curb State Spending on Medicaid
Rhode Island Gov. Don Carcieri (R) is asking the federal government to relax its Medicaid regulations for the state—and is offering to save money for federal taxpayers by capping state spending and federal contributions to the program.

South Carolina Won’t Pay for Treatment Mistakes
South Carolina’s Medicaid program will no longer pay health care providers for cases where medical errors have been committed. Analysts are calling it a critical reform.

Tenn. Expands Welfare Benefits to Include Health Care
The state of Tennessee has decided to add the temporarily unemployed or “underemployed” to its Cover Tennessee health care program.

Massachusetts Insurance Mandate Is Causing Longer Wait Times
Massachusetts’s imposition of an individual health insurance mandate has caused a significant increase in the amount of time patients must wait to see a doctor. Making matters worse, doctors are leaving the state.

Health Care Costs Are Rising Slower than Expected, Surveys Show
Health care cost increases have been slowing around the nation, several national consulting firms report, with one reporting the rate of increase has fallen every year since 2003.

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