December 2008 Infotech & Telecom News: Google Ends Courtship with Yahoo

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December, 2008
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The December 2008 issue of Infotech & Telecom News leads with Google’s announcement that it would not jump through federal regulators’ hoops to pursue a search ad deal with Yahoo. Page 1 also reports on Sen. Herb Kohl’s questioning of telecom companies about their text-message pricing practices.

Among the other top stories in this issue:

Broadcasters, Cable Firms Spar Over DTV Fees
The cable TV industry is calling for Congress to prevent broadcasters from requiring payment for retransmission of their channels.

Congress Debates Local Cell Phone Taxes
Congress is considering a five-year moratorium on any “new discriminatory taxes” on cell phone providers and services.

Minnesota Muni Wi-Fi Can Proceed, Judge Rules
A Minnesota judge ruled the town of Monticello can build a city-owned muni wi-fi network that will compete with one built by a private company the city had earlier granted franchise rights.

WiMax Gets First Real Test in Baltimore
Sprint Nextel Corp. has opened the nation’s first commercial WiMax wireless Internet service, in Baltimore, Maryland—which could make municipal wi-fi networks around the country obsolete.

Federal Government’s Cybersecurity Is Inadequate
A new report from the GAO says the U.S. Computer Emergency Readiness Team is not up to the task of protecting government computer networks.

Antitrust Suits Hurt Everybody
Microsoft sues Google, Google sues Microsoft ... and the real losers are the tech industry and its consumers. By using antitrust against one another, both companies legitimize the notion that market share means power that cannot be broken. That simply isn’t true.

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