December 2008 School Reform News: School Choice Under Attack in Arizona

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December, 2008
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The December 2008 issue of School Reform News reports that the “most frivolous lawsuit ever” has been filed against the state’s tuition tax credit programs. The Arizona Supreme Court has agreed to hear the case.

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Georgia Lawmaker Lays Groundwork for Universal School Choice
George state Sen. Eric Johnson has told civic groups and grassroots leaders he intends to propose a plan providing eery Georgia student a tuition voucher to attend the public or private school of their family’s choice.

House OKs No Child Left Inside Act
The House of Representatives has passed the No Child Left Inside Act of 2008, authorizing $14 million in 2009 for the implementation of “environmental literacy” programs.

California to Remove Questionable Teachers from Classrooms
California classrooms may soon be safer thanks to a pair of new laws signed by Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger.

School Choice Gains Advocates in Florida
School reform observers were surprised—and some downright skeptical—when the Florida School Choice Fund hired two formerly outspoken critics of choice.

New Pittsburgh Grading Policy Deemed Deceptive, Bad for Students
Education analysts are criticizing a Pittsburgh Public Schools policy requiring students to receive 50 percent credit for work not turned in.

Connecticut Hit by Wave of Sweeping Reform Proposals
With inflation-adjusted education costs having doubled in 25 years, Connecticut is in the midst of a wave of unusually sweeping reform plans.

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