February 2003 Environment & Climate News

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February, 2003
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The February 2003 issue of Environment & Climate News addresses a wide range of topics of interest to free-market environmentalists of every ilk. For example:

  • Proponents of property rights and wise use of natural resources will find articles on President George W. Bush’s action to streamline fire prevention in the nation’s forests; an appeals court ruling upholding the Clinton “Roadless Rule”; and public lands grazing.

  • Readers interested in climate change and energy issues will find reports on state actions to limit greenhouse gas emissions; a Department of Energy workshop on voluntary emissions reporting; nuclear energy; offshore oil recovery; and more.

  • If efforts to improve air and water quality are of interest to you, this issue describes Pennsylvania’s approach to environmental protection and reports on EPA’s at-long-last crackdown on Army Corps dumping of toxic sludge.

  • The issue’s centerspread feature will appeal to readers interested in preserving the American dream of homeownership and mobility: Randal O’Toole reports on urban planners’ latest efforts to create auto-hostile environments in cities across the U.S.

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