February 2004 Environment & Climate News

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February, 2004
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The February 2004 issue of Environment & Climate News:

  • reports on a mid-December forum debunking the “precautionary principle”;
  • describes how the Danish government has chastised the Union of Concerned Scientists for its unwarranted attacks on author Björn Lomborg;
  • summarizes “what we know about global warming”;
  • reports on a new Nature study debunking the myth of global warming-caused melting of the icecap atop Mount Kilimanjaro;
  • sets straight a myth-laden Sacramento Bee editorial on global warming; and
  • defends the safety and value of nuclear energy;

The issue also covers snowmobiles in Yellowstone; mercury in seafood; Democrats dodging campaign finance laws; the high cost of tougher CAFE standards; New Source Review; new NOx and SO2 emission rules; oil and gas recovery in the Rocky Mountains; the future of hog farming; wetlands, “navigable waters,” and the courts; and more.

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