February 2004 School Reform News

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February, 2004
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The February 2004 issue of School Reform News discusses character education in public schools and reports the findings of several surveys that measure student attitudes towards cheating. Large majorities of students--upwards of 75 percent in some instances--admit to some form of cheating.

The issue’s featured issue is with Victoria Martino, a former public school teacher who with other teachers founded Mountain View Academy in Greeley, Colorado so she could teach reading using the Direct Instruction method. Says Martino, “No one thinks there’s anything wrong with a Tiger Woods going out and hitting perhaps a thousand balls with one club to practice one stroke. ... Yet when it comes to academics, it’s almost heresy to have students memorize their times tables or any other facts.”

Also in this issue: the Supreme Court hears oral arguments in an important test of the Constitution’s “free exercise” clause; ALEC issues the 10th edition of its report card on American education; the American Board for Certification of Teacher Excellence offers new competition for teacher certification; high-stakes testing--and cover letters submitted with employment applications--reveal how students are sorely unprepared for college or the real world; the U.S. House approves a voucher plan for the District of Columbia; results from the NAEP Trial Urban Assessment show students in urban public schools aren’t being educated at all; and more.

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