February 2005 Budget & Tax News

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February, 2005
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A new study assessing what states are doing right and wrong to address Medicaid finance and fraud issues tops page 1 of the February 2005 issue of Budget & Tax News. Produced jointly by the American Legislative Exchange Council and Council for Affordable Health Insurance, the report identifies California, Connecticut, Minnesota, Nebraska, and Oregon as states with the most positive approach to Medicaid.

Page 1 also reports on the tax effects of telecom reform, possible relaxing of Colorado's TABOR limits, and states' increasing reliance on lottery gambling to fill budget gaps.

A centerspread special report on sports stadium funding covers the District of Columbia's decision to fund a new baseball stadium, the failure of Chicago's taxpayer-subsidized stadiums to deliver on the promises made by their supporters, and research on the economic impact of subsidized stadiums.

Also in this issue: economist Robert Genetski makes the case for lower taxes, private retirement accounts, and Health Savings Accounts; Indiana's improving revenue projections; a congressional bailout for the Universal Service Fund; tax threats looming in California; public pension reform; private toll roads; 10 years of GOP tax policy; Virginia's pro-tax Republicans the subject of a "least wanted" campaign effort; lessons for capitalists in the Bible's parable of talents; and Social Security reform.

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