February 2005 School Reform News

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February, 2005
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High school students in the U.S. have a poorer understanding of basic math concepts than their counterparts in most other leading industrialized nations, according to international test results issued in December 2004. That story leads page 1 of the February 2005 issue of School Reform News.

Also on page 1: the success of Florida's policy on social promotion, looming deficits in the Detroit public school system, and a costly decision on New York City school finance by a court-appointed panel.

The February interview is with Cheri Pierson Yecke, who served for 16 months as commissioner of education for the state of Minnesota before the state senate denied to confirm her appointment to that position. "People need to stop thinking about public education as being a system," Yecke says, "and we need to focus on ... the needs of the child."

Also in this issue: school choice in the 109th Congress, benefits of private education, revamp of school construction policies in Miami-Dade, model school choice bills offered by the American Legislative Exchange Council, union dues and politics in Colorado, Illinois supreme court to hear a charter school appeal, the positive impact of charter schools on student achievement, and Florida's corporate tax credit for school scholarships.

The Friedman Report school choice roundup and profile of activist Donayle Whitmore, and a feature on home schooling, round out the issue.

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