February 2006 Environment & Climate News

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February, 2006
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The February 2006 issue of Environment & Climate News highlights the opposition of West Virginia Democrats to wind farms proposed for the state's mountaintop ridges. Also on page 1:

  • when San Francisco voters approved a $100 million solar power initiative in 2001, they said the money could be spent only when solar power was cost-competitive with electricity from the regional power grid. The initiative has yet to be implemented;
  • Massachusetts and Rhode Island have refused to join the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative of Northeastern states; and
  • in a December 21, 2005 vote, 43 U.S. senators prevented opening the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to oil and gas recovery.

Also in this issue: climate change, eminent domain, sprawl, recycling, air pollution standards, eco-terrorism, and more.

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