February 2008 Health Care News

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February, 2008
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The February 2008 issue of Health Care News warns against considering Canada's health care system a model for the United States. A new survey reported in the European Journal of Medicine shows Canadians would "pull strings" to get better care, while John C. Goodman, president of the National Center for Policy Analysis, notes claims about the superiority of Canadian care "are myths, and they lead to bad government policies in the United States."

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  • The Mayo Clinic has announced it will open a Mayo Express Care retail clinic at a shopping center in Rochester, Minnesota.
  • New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg is trying for the second time to force the city's chain restaurants to display calorie information on their menus and menu boards.
  • The U.S. House Judiciary Committee has approved a bill creating an exemption in antitrust law to enable independent pharmacies to negotiate contracts with Medicare Part D plans and private pharmacy benefit managers.
  • Several medical groups have declared their support for a proposed federal Physician Payments Sunshine Act, requiring makers of drugs and medical devices to disclose the value of all gifts they give physicians.

Also in this issue: organ donors, AIDS, SCHIP, generic drugs, medical malpractice, electronic health records, CT scans, and keys to aging well.

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