February 2008 School Reform News

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February, 2008
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The February 2008 issue of School Reform News offers a look at the presidential candidates and their positions on school choice. On page 1:

  • Florida Gov. Charlie Crist and other dignitaries came together on December 10 to thank corporate sponsors for their donations to fund K-12 scholarships for low-income families.
  • Delaware state government and union officials have undermined one charter school's efforts to secure alternative financing for construction costs and nearly stopped another's.
  • Georgia's publicly funded scholarship program for special-needs children is making quick progress, with almost a thousand students already benefiting.
  • Students in even the highest-achieving U.S. states are mediocre when compared with the rest of the developed world.

Also in this issue: foster kids, choice in Illinois, charters in Nevada, preschool vouchers in New Jersey, a new school info Web site in Colorado, VanDamme Academy, teachers, dropouts, extending the school day and year, and directories of national and state-based advocates of school choice.

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