January 2003 Health Care News

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January, 2003
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The January 2003 issue of Health Care News features Page 1 coverage of state efforts to protect physicians from excessive jury verdicts and related malpractice insurance costs.

While the U.S. Senate failed to act in 2002 on a malpractice reform bill passed in September by the House, state legislatures in Florida, Mississippi, New Jersey, Nevada, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia have been less hesitant. Many have modeled their measures on the California Medical Injury Compensation Act (MICRA), which has been in effect for more than 25 years.

Other Page 1 stories summarize the 108th Congress’s health policy agenda--which is expected to include malpractice reform as well as prescription drug coverage, aid to the uninsured, and broad Medicare reform--and efforts by U.S. Trade Representative Robert Zoellick to strip away patent protection for America’s pharmaceutical and biotech industries.

Among other stories in this issue:

  • Dr. Henry I. Miller’s report on the dangers of requiring pediatric testing of prescription drugs;
  • freelancer Russell Jackson’s look at the importance of having doctors participate in the health care reform debate ... and how they can best communicate policy matters to their patients;
  • a physician’s perspective on medical malpractice reform, by Dr. Miguel A. Faria--whose appointment to a Centers for Disease Control research grant review committee is also reported in this issue;
  • Victoria Craig Bunce’s analysis of the differences between Medical Savings Accounts, Flexible Spending Accounts, and Health Reimbursement Arrangements--complete with a side-by-side comparison table;
  • 10 ways you can take control your own health care costs, compiled by Vicki Lankarge;
  • a look at what senior citizens do and don’t want out of health care reform, by Drs. Michael Glueck and Robert Cihak; and
  • The Pulse, the Galen Report, and Managing Editor Conrad F. Meier’s State Legislative Update and MyTurn editorial.

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