January 2004 Environment & Climate News

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January, 2004
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The January 2004 issue of Environment & Climate News reports on page 1 the Senate’s defeat--for now--of the $31 billion energy policy overhaul; Russia’s continued refusal to ratify the Kyoto Protocol; the decision by the U.S. Supreme Court to take up two Clean Air Act cases; and passage of President George W. Bush’s Health Forests initiative.

Among the other stories in this issue:

  • The final installment in our reprint of Senator James M. Inhofe’s statement on the Senate floor addressing the science of climate change.
  • Part two in Managing Editor James Taylor’s series on hog farms and the environment.
  • EPA’s decision to make the United States the first nation in the world to require cuts in power-plant mercury emissions.
  • Part one in a two-part series by Science Director Jay Lehr on nuclear energy.
  • A report from an “awards” ceremony, held at the World Trade Organization meetings in Cancun, hosted by the Congress of Racial Equality and mocking environmentalists for their support of policies that impose pain and suffering on the world’s poor.
  • An interview with Greenpeace founder Patrick Moore.

Among other stories: surging greenhouse gas emissions from China; the New York Times decides global warming might be a good thing after all; myths of renewable energy; a Florida report concludes curbside recycling is a waste of money; and a new study concluding Endangered Species Act listings may backfire. Managing Editor James M. Taylor chastises Greenpeace for thinking its vigilantism should be protected as “free speech.”

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