January 2004 Health Care News

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January, 2004
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The January 2004 issue of Health Care News carries extensive coverage of two key health policy topics: the Medicare reform package signed by President George W. Bush in late November, and prescription drug importation from Canada.

On Medicare reform, HCN Managing Editor Conrad F. Meier offers an analysis of the key provisions of the measure, while the Galen Institute’s Greg Scandlen focuses on the Medical Savings Account expansion--which John Goodman of the National Center for Policy Analysis considers the “silver lining” in an otherwise badly flawed bill. Meier’s “MyTurn” column concludes the measure “needs a chance to prove itself.”

On drug importation, Steve Stanek reports from the National Symposium on Drug Importation held in Chicago in late October 2003. Two Illinois State Senators--Republicans Chris Lauzen and Steve Rauschenberger--offer their take on the pros (Lauzen) and cons (Rauschenberger) of importation.

Among the other stories in this issue: consumer-directed health care in dentistry; an effort to repeal California’s play-or-pay employer mandate; how Vermont’s uninsured fared under 11 years with Governor Howard Dean; conferences in Minnesota and Sweden explore consumer-driven reforms; and Rick Santorum’s health insurance tax credit measure awaits action by the Senate.

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