January 2005 Health Care News

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January, 2005
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The January 2005 issue opens with a look at what's likely to be on the Bush administration's and Congress's 2005 health care agenda. John Desser , a vice president of Jefferson Government Relations LLC, says Bush, "strengthened by a popular majority and several new Republican senators with strong track records on health care issues, will be presented with an opportunity to cement his legacy through additional reforms in federal oversight of health care."

Page 1 of this issue also reports the rejection by California voters of an employer "play or pay" mandate, the Connecticut Chamber of Commerce's efforts to inform businesses about health savings accounts, and the success of the Florida-Pfizer Medicaid partnership.

Also in this issue: the danger of drug regulations, flu vaccine shortage, embryonic stem cell research, Vioxx and the future of personalized medicine, tax reform for health care, and pill-splitting. Heartland Senior Fellow Conrad Meier reviews Lives at Risk, by John Goodman and colleagues at the National Center for Policy Analysis, and offers health care policy resolutions for the new year. This issue also concludes Sean Parnell's three-part series on specialty surgical hospitals and Malcolm Gladwell's two-part series on prescription drug pricing.

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