January 2006 Budget & Tax News

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January, 2006
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The January 2006 issue of Budget & Tax News reports on how the TABOR movement is picking up steam across the country, with Maine, Ohio, Oklahoma, and Wisconsin among the states working for enactment of tax and expenditure limitations.

On page 1:

  • a Virginia family will receive more than $280,000 from a Roanoke, Virginia housing authority that has threatened for 20 years to condemn the family's property;
  • Pennsylvania lawmakers have repealed their own pay raise after citizens expressed outrage over "backroom deals";
  • Standard & Poor's has downgraded Detroit's bond rating to one step above junk status; and
  • federal budget earmarks have been eliminated, but the wasteful spending remains.

Also in this issue: workers comp fees, gas taxes, government performance audits, e-government, a $2 billion "jobs for Ohio" plan, O'Hare Airport expansion, the Bush tax panel's weak reforms, and more.

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