January 2008 Budget & Tax News

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January, 2008
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The January 2008 issue of Budget & Tax News launches our sixth year of publication! On page 1 of this issue:

  • The November 6 election results show a clear tilt toward limited government, according to an analysis by the National Taxpayers Union.
  • November 2007 may go down in history as a year of mini-tax revolt in Washington State.
  • Local taxes dominated Louisville, Kentucky's airwaves and angered taxpayers in the state's largest city.
  • Some states feast at the expense of others when the federal government hands out money, according to the Tax Foundation.

Also in this issue: phone taxes, property taxes, consolidation of government programs, stadium subsidies, taxes and economic growth, congestion, commuter rail, eminent domain, gasoline taxes, and unions. Managing Editor Steve Stanek profiles E.S. "Steve" Savas, the nation's leading expert on privatization and recent recipient of a prestigious professorship at Baruch College in New York City.

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