January 2008 Health Care News

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January, 2008
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The January 2008 issue of Health Care News features an evaluation of health care reform proposals offered by the leading presidential candidates. On page 1:

  • Health policy advisors to the Democratic presidential candidates touted their reform plans--more prevention, more mandates, more money--at an October 23 forum.
  • U.S. Sen. Edward Kennedy's federal proposal establishing an Electronic Health Information System has prompted representatives from 47 state and national organizations and health IT companies to call for patient privacy protections.
  • The Wisconsin legislature approved the state's final budget without including a controversial near-universal health insurance mandate.
  • The battle on Capital Hill over the State Children's Health Insurance Program hit a roadblock on November 13 when President George W. Bush vetoed the legislation for a second time.

Also in this issue: cigarette taxes, information technology, consumer-drive health care plans, charity care, the importance of lifestyle changes, prescription drug reform, chemophobia, socializing legal care in the U.S., and more.

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