January 2009 School Reform News: Rallying for School Choice

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January, 2009
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The January 2009 issue of School Reform News leads with coverage of a pre-Election Day school choice rally in Charlotte, North Carolina that attracted more than 850 parents, children, community leaders, and politicians from across the state. The event allowed gubernatorial candidates to speak with citizens and listen to voters’ opinions on the issue.

Among this issue’s other top stories:

* They want the best students at their middle schools to attend Los Angeles’s best high schools—so a group of public school teachers started a scholarship fund to send them to private schools.

* Voters in Orland, Maine combined their efforts to save school choice for their town as others face the same decision.

* Soon, Nevadans will have an independent agency to authorize and oversee charter schools statewide.

* A study of dozens of nations confirmed those offering the most school choice have the best academic results.

* A California court ruled Los Angeles Unified School District must provide space at public school facilities to charter schools that need it.

* Virtual schools are gaining a foothold in the education market as more states encourage online education.

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