July 2001 School Reform News

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July, 2001
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Shortly after taking office, President George W. Bush expressed his hope that major "bipartisan" education reform legislation would pass this year. "To make that wish come true," reports Contributing Editor Robert Holland in the July 2001 issue of School Reform News, "the administration has paid a price some critics of the federal presence in public education deemed too high." Holland points out the key casualties of the House debate over the President's proposal--vouchers and spending flexibility for the states--and reports the school reformers' reaction to the measure.

The July issue also reports the findings of a Harvard University evaluation of the Children's Scholarhsip Fund; the Ohio Attorney General's appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court on behalf of the Cleveland voucher plan; bilingual reform in Massachusetts; and a new report on the relationship between teacher unionization and student achievement. Harry Anthony Patrinos, the World Bank's senior education economist, offers a tour of voucher plans around the world. Former U.S. Secretry of Education William J. Bennett is the issue's featured interview. (download PDF)

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