July 2002 Environment & Climate News

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July, 2002
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According to a report in the July 2002 issue of Environment & Climate News, Hollywood hypocrites are at war with an environmentalist group seeking to make the scenic Malibu beaches available to ordinary people. The issue addresses a wide range of timely environment policy debates, including:

  • Climate Change: the President publicly rejected the climate change report issued in June by the Environmental Protection Agency; Canada won’t decide on the Kyoto Protocol before the end of the year; and a Pacific island ponders suing the U.S. for its failure to back Kyoto.
  • Chemophobia: efforts to ban the use of pesticides in schools and public parks threaten the health and safety of children in the U.S.; Alan Sweeney’s book, Happy & Healthy in a Chemical World, offers page after page of good news to counter environmentalist scare tactics.
  • Property Rights: the U.S. Supreme Court rejects a takings claim by Lake Tahoe Basin property owners; the Illinois state supreme court defends property rights; and the Fish and Wildlife Service fines a Utah landowner for violating the Endangered Species Act by disturbing prairie dogs that never existed on his property.
  • Ethanol: Competitive Enterprise Institute senior fellow Marlo Lewis argues against including an ethanol mandate in the federal energy bill, while American Farm Bureau Federation economist Terry Francl defends ethanol as an efficient energy source.

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