July 2003 Health Care News

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July, 2003
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The Senate began debate June 16 on a $400 billion Medicare reform proposal the politicians are calling “landmark.” Experts interviewed for the July issue of Health Care News, however, say the measure is “an utter disaster,” according to Heritage Foundation vice president Stuart Butler.

Joining that story on page 1 of the July issue are articles reporting medical malpractice reform measures in Florida, New Jersey, and Texas; the dramatic growth of the consumer-drive health care movement; and Maryland’s launch of a new high-risk insurance pool.

Other stories cover a wide range of issues, including:

  • new health care reform proposals outlined by Democratic Presidential hopefuls Carol Moseley Braun and John Edwards;
  • policy implications of the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision on Maine Rx ... and the governor’s decision to jettison that program in favor of something less expansive and less expensive;
  • advice for governors and state legislators on how they can expand and improve the uninsured’s access to health insurance, from Robert E. Moffit and Nina Owcharenko of The Heritage Foundation;
  • uninsurance statistics: a moving target that makes for bad public policy;
  • plus Greg Scandlen’s “Consumer Choice Matters” column; the Galen Institute’s regular report on the release of new health care-related publications; and Managing Editor Conrad Meier’s “My Turn,” wherein he exposes lies his mother never told him about single-payer health care.

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