July 2004 Budget & Tax News

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July, 2004
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In 2004, 58 million Americans will have no federal income tax liability, according to the Washington, DC-based Tax Foundation. That news is highlighted on page 1 of the July issue of Budget & Tax News.

Congressional debate over legislation that would limit state attempts to collect taxes from out-of-state businesses, and an NCSL report on unfunded mandates, are also reported on page 1, as is news from Oregon, where incumbent State Sen. Jackie Winters, a tax increase proponent, lost her Republican primary bid to attorney Jim Zupancic.

The issue’s centerspread features the Pacific Research Institute’s new Economic Freedom Index, which ranks states by how friendly or unfriendly their governments are toward free enterprise. Connecticut, California, and New York rank lowest; Kansas, Colorado, and Virginia rank highest.

Also in this issue: reports from California, Illinois, Kansas, Massachusetts, Michigan, Ohio, Oregon, Texas, and Wisconsin; prison privatization; sin taxes; Wal-Mart; and key economic concepts for policymakers and business leaders.

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