July 2004 Environment & Climate News

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July, 2004
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The July issue of Environment & Climate News is dominated—as the public debate has been—by climate change and energy issues. The issue also covers farm pollution in Kansas, Mississippi River lock upgrades, malaria, ecoterrorists, and a review of John Stossel’s book, Give Me a Break!

On climate change, this issue reports Russia’s continued hesitation to support the Kyoto Protocol; Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney’s new, mostly voluntary, climate protection proposal; Senator John McCain’s plan to seek a new vote on his bill to cap greenhouse gas emissions; yet another flawed analysis of global warming data in Nature magazine; the Copenhagen Consensus group’s decision that climate change ranks among the world’s top 10 “challenges”; and Managing Editor James M. Taylor’s review of “The Day After Tomorrow.”

On energy topics, this issue covers Arizona’s new ban on MTBE; an anti-Bush campaign on Florida offshore oil drilling; the disappointing mileage of hybrid cars; consumers’ rejection of renewable power options; a lawsuit launched by California environmentalists against geothermal power proposals; EPA’s failed clean air lawsuit against TVA; Gregg Easterbrook’s defense of Bush clean air policies; new battles over natural gas imports; and the effect of inflation on gasoline prices.

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