July 2004 School Reform News

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July, 2004
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The July 2004 issue of School Reform News reports on rallies held in Austin, Texas, where an estimated 2,000 Hispanic parents and students called for school vouchers and other reform measures, and Pennsylvania, where hundreds gathered in Harrisburg to celebrate the third anniversary of the state’s education tax credit program.

The issue’s featured interview is with David L. Brennan of White Hat Management in Cleveland, Ohio, who contends, “The thing that’s wrong with education is that profit has not been a motivating factor. When profit is not a motivating factor, there’s never enough money.”

The issue reports on studies and surveys addressing the importance of school choice to urban renewal, the effect of student discipline problems on learning, and the effect of high school exit exams on dropout rates. Also in this issue: a Cato Institute conference on school choice around the world, special education reforms in Congress, John Kerry’s retreat on teacher pay for performance, Colorado’s new higher education voucher program, and more.

The Just the Facts feature highlights the sources and uses of public education dollars, and a three-page Friedman Report covers school choice happenings from California to Florida.

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