July 2005 Budget & Tax News

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July, 2005
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The July 2005 issue of Budget & Tax News addresses the possibility that two lawsuits--the Kelo decision pending before the U.S. Supreme Court and a district court suit against the Cincinnati Bengals--may bring an end to sports welfare as we know it. "2005 could be the year the public stops lining the pockets of billionaire owners and millionaire players by paying for the places where they earn their living," writes reporter Daniel McGraw.

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  • A coalition of grassroots organizations has sued the state of Washington for overturing a voter-approved tax and spending cap;
  • Up to $13 million of rare coins owned by the Ohio Bureau of Workers' Compensation have gone missing, and a huge investment loss last year went unreported;
  • Six officials of San Diego's pension fund have been charged with felony violations for inflating pensions for themselves and others;
  • Hundreds of school districts in Illinois have increased a special tax meant to pay legal claims and insurance expenses, some of them doing so to divert the money to other purposes.

Also in this issue: Illinois dodges a cigarette tax increase and "tax swap," Detroit's mayor proposes a fast-food tax and charges personal spending to the city's credit card, private vs. government airport screeners, homeland security corruption, Colorado's TABOR, telecom, Social Security, interstate wine sales, and more.

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