July 2005 School Reform News

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July, 2005
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The July 2005 issue of School Reform News reports both good news and bad news on the school choice front nationwide.

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  • More than 2,000 parents, teachers, and school administrators rallied outside the Florida Supreme Court building on June 7 as justices considered the state's Opportunity Scholarship program;
  • A proposal to create a statewide school voucher program was shelved in the Texas House of Representatives;
  • Local school officials in Maryland have sued the State Board of Education for its decision to give charter schools the same funding as other public schools;
  • The FY 2006 Illinois budget increases K-12 funding by $314 million, primarily by shortchanging teacher pension funds.

Also in this issue: No Child Left Behind, ALEC preschool legislation, Vermont considers public school preschools, takeover pending for Florida schools, sexual predators on public school staffs, homeschooling in Colorado, tax credits, school choice in New Zealand, and more.

Robert Enlow, executive director of the Milton & Rose D. Friedman Foundation, addresses the past, present, and future of school choice. Associate editor George Clowes reviews--and recommends--two books: Doomed to Fail, by Paul Zoch, and Public Schools, Public Menace, by Joel Turtel.

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