July 2006 School Reform News

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July, 2006
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The July 2006 issue of School Reform News features a wide range of education reform proposals. On page 1:

  • Texas legislators believe they have addressed a 2005 state supreme court ruling with a package of five bills signed into law by Gov. Rick Perry in late May;
  • Missouri legislators introduce tax credit proposals, but the Senate failed to vote before the close of the 2006 session;
  • Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich has proposed selling or leasing the state's lottery to provide several billion dollars in immediate funding for the state's public schools; and
  • a new report from the Manhattan Institute finds a wide gender gap in high school graduation rates, most pronounced among minority students in large urban school districts.

Also in this issue: national opportunity scholarships, ExpectMore.gov, school snacks, merit pay, union dues and politics, Mike Scott's review of Tough Love for Schools (by Frederick Hess), a new Resource Directory of organizations addressing school choice, and more.

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