July 2007 InfoTech & Technology News

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July, 2007
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The July 2007 issue of Infotech & Telecom News reports on the key digital-era debates taking place at the local, state, and national levels. On page 1:

  • In May, Florida became the latest state to embrace statewide video franchise reform.
  • The Federal Communications Commission will field comments on three interrelated proceedings on broadband practices, availability, and deployment--widely regarded as code words for the country's touch network neutrality debate.
  • The embattled Federal Universal Service Fund is taking more licks these days due to a sudden increase in its quarterly contribution requirements and closer scrutiny by Democrat-led committees in Congress.
  • Local telecommunications competition is strong and shows every sign of increasing, according to industry regulators and executives who spoke to state lawmakers at a recent meeting in Washington, DC.

Also in this issue: data breach legislation, municipal wireless, online safety, broadband adoption, Vermont's new telecom authority, online gambling, the coming "exaflood," industry news, and "today's IT news in pictures."

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