July 2008 InfoTech & Technology News

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July, 2008
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The July 2008 issue of Infotech & Telecom News features stories about the failure of municipal wi-fi networks across the country. On page 1 of this issue:

  • In the most dramatic of the municipal wi-fi failures, the city of Provo, Utah has announced it will sell its money-losing iProvo municipal fiber network to a private firm.
  • New Orleans has lost its muni wi-fi system as Earthlink decided to exit the sector altogether. City officials decided they would not take over the system.
  • The Federal Communications Commission may spend $2 million in taxpayer funds on advertising related to the congressionally mandated switch from analog to digital television.
  • The rule of piracy in the net neutrality debate roiled a recent U.S. House of Representatives subcommittee hearing.

Also in this issue: law enforcement use of cell phone data, media cross-ownership, online advertising, open access, net neutrality, computer chip wars, cable programming, and more.

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